Home Maintenance Perth

Commercial/residential/real estate maintenance Perth.

CMA Carpentry and Maintenance do dedicated residential home maintenance services in Perth and suburbs. We also handle all aspects of commercial real estate maintenance. If you are a real estate firm in Perth looking for guaranteed maintenance work then please contact us for a quote.

General property maintenance Perth

Whether you need our maintenance services for a minor maintenance issue right through to a complete property facelift, CMA Carpentry and Maintenance are able to manage from the smallest to very large property maintenance tasks. We provide our general maintenance services in Perth and the southern suburbs. We know you will be totally satisfied and delighted with all aspects of the work we conduct for you.

Gutter cleaning Perth

Gutters are an essential part of the overall health and well being of your home. They control the flow of rainwater and in essence by doing so protect every level of your home from roof to foundations. If you don’t have a gutter maintenance regime in place at your home, gutters can become a huge liability instead of the asset they are when looked after.  Gutters blocked up with natural debris can result in serious water damage to your roof, walls, insulation layers and even your foundations. This includes electrical conduits and other plumbing and drainage assets. We also know from bitter experience that blocked gutters also attract rats, mice, snakes and insect nests. Leaf and other litter is also a fire risk and one of the most common factors in houses burning in bush fires, as airborne sparks can ignite dried gutter matter. We can advise on and implement a gutter maintenance and safety plan at your home.

Eave sheeting repairs Perth

One of the main ways that eaves assist in protecting you home, is to divert rain water from walls. They also stop water from entering the roof at the junction point of walls and roof. Eaves also stop gardens and paths substantially from heavy downpours. In doing so, they prevent erosion of footings which can be extremely costly to repair. If your eaves are in any way damaged and this is leading to water problems, CMA Carpentry and Maintenance can repair eave sheets or if necessary replace them in a quick and cost effective manner.

Rubbish removal Perth

We off er a comprehensive rubbish removal service in Perth and the southern suburbs. Whether your rubbish is green garden refuse, fencing or household items and building materials from renovations, we can have the rubbish quickly removed for you.

All carpentry repairs

No carpentry job is too small or large for Colm from CMA Carpentry and Maintenance. CMA Carpentry and Maintenance can handle all aspects of your residential carpentry job in Perth and Perth suburbs. Colm is a great tradesman with a wealth of experience to bring to any residential carpentry project. He is an expert carpenter and whether your project is Decking, FrameworkSkirtings Boardsand Architraves, a Patio or Pergola, a Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom RenovationFlooring Lining and Eave Sheeting or Door Window or Lock Installation – Colm will do a brilliant job for you.

Window repairs/ installation Perth

Have an issue with windows. Contact us for a quote on a comprehensive window repair service, or for new window installation in Perth and southern suburbs.